Thursday, 1 March 2007

A new fragance at Paragon: Blue Voltage !!!

Sure !! You have seen her !!. She's the new Perfume !!!. She is fast, silent and beauty !!! She'll electrify you !!!.
Blue Voltage take the top of the X-Babes list !!! She fight against crime at Faultline and her stratagem is cool !!! Voltage can infiltrate the worst villains nest and they can sense nothing !!!. She's a hunter that can fried you in a moment with her 10000 volts dischages !!!.
And you can't notice her !!!.
Well I want congratulate my girl !! . She gives me a reason to go on X-Babes' bussines. I expect she's enjoing X-Babes' experience.
Blue Voltage has decided to cormercializate a new fragance .... her Perfume. I smeel it !!! It's cool !!! I want all girls prove it !!! X-Babes' power it's inside and you can feel it !!!.
A lot of Kisses :

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