Wednesday, 28 February 2007

How cool is our blog !!!

Mefit doing her things. How cute !!!

Incredible! When I began to fight the crime in this X-citing city never thought that i would have a Blog! Is not incredible everything what we have made together ?.
Is memorable !!! While I write these words I'm drinking champan and caviar, donation of a strong and handsome boy..... is Turkish, a friend. Hihihihihi.... ...
Well .... you can use this blog for whatever you want, my small hearts. It is good mass media and union for all the girls.
I want to transmite my thanks to my dear Dressy Bessy, she designed the blog !!! Isn't cool ? Send to me all your commentaries and suggestions.... we will better make it with your support.
Be good and don't forget you are a X-Babe !!! And that is much to say !!!
A lot of kisses:

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