Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The Girls are here and they'll stay

Yes !!! They're beautiful, young, sweet and glamourous. They can drive you crazy, don't think?. Ko-Lee, Lady Facade and Dubnia 212 are the three most valious Flowers at X-Babes now.

At Atlas, Kings, Hollows, Perez... All knows her names... and her curves too. The X-Babes' leaders want to congratulate this three of a kind. They're all we wait from the future.

Lady Facade's soft movements like silk can enchant the most dangerous villain you know, her dance sends them to the Five Heaven.

Dubnia's eye rays can burns you and her finest rose smell lows defence to the most fiery enemy, only to beats him down.

And what we can say about Ko-Lee?, the sweetiest little girl have you ever seen in your life and her pet. Her skills are well know by the enemies.

Take care villains!!! Three X-Babes are searching you in Paragon!!! Soon you will fall !!!

A lot of kisses for my babes soon Voltage, Dressy and Zara, will have Perfume companions!!!

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Ludo (Marc Alier) said...

Gracias por tu comentario en orangoodling Mefit.. y por el enlace a la campaña del orgullo friki por conquistar el mundo ...
Yo me declaro villano... no puedo cumplir con el requisito de la elegancia de los heroes..